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Gloria ~ Limited Edition

Gloria ~ Limited Edition

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An ✨embossed ✨velvet ✨nursing✨ dress?! Oh my!! 😍🥰
Dress to impress while still being able to feed your little one in comfort with this stunning ✨limited edition✨ emerald velvet dress with embossed roses!

✨Embossed Velvet (95% polyester, 5% spandex)
✨3/4 sleeves
✨Perfect pockets
✨Empire waist
✨Petite maxi length
✨Full three-tiered skirt
✨Smocked elastic in the back
✨Wide waistband

❗Important note about fit: this may not be a good style for busty and/or long torsoed mamas.

This velvet fabric stretches normally side to side but does not have a lot of stretch up and down. We are finding the nursing cover is riding up slightly above the elastic waistband, especially on busty ladies, due this fabric not having up and down stretch.

By “riding up,” I mean that the elastic part of the waistband that is typically hidden underneath the band of the nursing cover is exposed, particularly as you move about. It is not super noticeable, as you can see on our model Ella if you zoom in, because the fabric hides it well. But we wanted to point this out.

One styling option that could “hide” the elastic for anyone bothered by this, would be to add a fun sparkly belt over the nursing access to help keep it more firmly in place - and of course, that adds some extra pizazz to the dress as well.✨

👉The bra you wear with this dress will make an enormous difference in how it fits you.
I (Kariann) am busty and long torsoed and have personally found it works fine with a very supportive bra but rides up a lot without one.

👉The size chart (last photo) provides shoulder to waistband measurements for all of the sizes.
•The first number shown on the shoulder to waistband measurement is from the shoulder to the TOP of the band on the nursing cover.
•The second number shown is from the shoulder to the BOTTOM of the band on the nursing cover.
•There is approx 1" of stretch to the material shoulder to waistband as well that is not accounted for on the size chart and that will help.

Originally this dress was to be priced at $74. We’ve decided to price it lower at $62 because this wasn’t the ideal fit SCD strives for. It is still a beautiful dress that many mamas will look stunning in, and we hope that this helps make it a little more affordable for you all during the holidays! ❤️🎄


The size chart is the very last picture! 

Ella is wearing a size XS and her stats are: Height- 5'4 & 1/2", Bust- 32.5", Waist- 23", Hips- 31.5".

Sarah is 5'3 and her SCD size is XL/1XL. Sarah's measurements are: 46-47" bust, 41-42" waist, 51-52" hips, 13.5" upper arm.  

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