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Oleander ~ Jomper

Oleander ~ Jomper

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This jomper is sure to take your breath away with its gorgeous, deep jade hue that catches the sunlight in a dazzling way. The floral pattern is reminiscent of the Oleander flower - which symbolizes love, beauty, and resilience, enhancing the garden of our lives as women and mothers with deep meaning. They say beauty comes from a spirit that has weathered many hardships in life and somehow continues with resilience. 🌄

•Buttery soft DTY!
•Nursing version!•

•Modest v-neck.

•Full-length sleeves.
•Perfect pockets.
•Key-hole back with a cloth-covered button.
•Wide-leg style for ultimate comfort.
•Stretchy elastic waist.
•Adorable shoulder gathers.
•️Simple 2-step method for bathroom access (unbutton and pull down). Some ladies find that they can skip the 2-step method altogether and simply step both legs into one of the pant legs then pull up like a skirt.

Whether you’re wearing the Oleander jomper at home while chasing kids - or out to church and Sunday brunch, you’ll be looking both stylish and comfortable! Pair with riding boots or clogs, flats or booties - the possibilities are endless! This one-piece garment makes outfit planning a cinch and is sure to become a favorite that you’ll reach for often- because who doesn’t like “pajama level comfort” while also looking effortlessly amazing? 🤌🏼🥰

"I think the loveliest by far is the one whose gentle heart bears a hundred scars from caring, yet still finds a way to pick up the lamp, one more time, to light the way for love." 🪔
~Susan Frybort

🖤 See the second picture for the size chart. 

Brianna is wearing her usual S.
Maria is wearing her usual L.
Sarah is wearing her usual XL/1XL.

•Brianna's stats are: 5’2 tall, 37 1/2" bust, 31” waist, 44 1/2” hips, 12” upper arm.
Maria's stats are: 5'2" tall, 41" bust, 35" waist, 46" hips, 15" upper arm.
•Sarah's stats are: 5'3 tall, 46-47" bust, 41-42" waist, 51-52" hips, 13.5" upper arm.                                                          •Rachael is 25 weeks pregnant. Her stays are: 5’ tall, 40” bust, 42” hips, 12" upper arm. 

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